Dear business partners and suppliers,

Recently, it has been found that there are companies and individuals who illegally use our company’s name and address (Shijiazhuang Mets Machinery co., Ltd NO.1 Changjiang Road Shijiazhuang 050035 Hebei China Tel: 86-311-68058177) and other company’s information to send e-mails to society asking for invoices, order information etc.. Many enterprises that have received such emails without knowing the truth have asked our company about the email many times, and we have explained them patiently.

The above illegal behavior of fraudulent use of the company’s information not only causes serious adverse effects to our company, but also causes the hidden danger to the company receiving these emails of being deceived. In order to avoid this from happening again, we hereby solemnly declare as follows:

I. We are not aware of the illegal personnel’s behavior of using our company’s information to release emails to the society, and the above emails have nothing to do with our company.

2. Our company has never authorized any company or individual outside other than our company. To avoid being deceived, the enterprise receiving the email can directly inquire by calling us to verify the authenticity. (The company’s supervision phone: 0311-68058177.)

3. In order to punish the crime, our company has reported the case to the public security department of the above-mentioned illegal behavior, and we are waiting for the public security department’s assistance in investigation.

In summary, our company is an enterprise focusing on slurry pump products and services for many years. The company always regards product quality as the company’s lifeline, adheres to the customer-centric working principle, using the most complete spare parts warehouse and the most professional after-sales team to serve the mining industry and the society.

We hereby certify!

Post time: Jan-23-2021