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    Post time: 04-20-2021

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  • Pump industry development and review
    Post time: 01-23-2021

    1.1 pump industry has a long history The pump is the old machine. European countries a first-rate pump factory was built in the middle of the 20th century, more than 10 such as the United States Wortington company was built in 1980, Ingersoll Rand-the company was built in 1860, Byron-Jackson comp...Read more »

  • How does a centrifugal slurry pump work?
    Post time: 01-23-2021

    Like most pumps, a centrifugal pump converts mechanical energy from a motor to energy of a moving fluid; some of the energy goes into kinetic energy of fluid motion, and some into potential energy, represented by a fluid pressure or by lifting the fluid against gravity to a higher level. For more...Read more »