Spring is coming, time for having fun!


Spring is coming, time for having fun!
All the partners of the company gathered at the intersection of jianhua street and north second ring road. Our cycling route was collection point-taking a turn of Hutuo River-Zhengding South Gate-Retrace our steps with everyone had a bike.

We chatted with each other and appreciated pretty roadside view all the way. We stopped and took pictures when we met with beautiful views. We relaxed ourselves and put our phones down, at this very moment we just need to ride freely, doing something we interested in.

About 2 hours later, we arrived at Zhengding South Gate, taking pictures as souvenir.

After the long travel distance , we were all famished. It was necessary to have some food which is famous and it is named as Wuqi Road noodles which is delicious.

It was time to go home!


Post time: Jan-23-2021